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How to Dress to Impress at Work

Whether you work in an office, in a bar or doing something more manual, what you wear to work can still have a big impact on how you are perceived by others around you. The fact of the matter is that while some people like to say that appearance is irrelevant, it clearly can have a large impact on how you are treated at work and how easily you can get on in your career. Here are five things you should think about if you want to dress to impress at work:

Dress for the Job You Want

There is nothing wrong with aspirations and certainly nothing wrong with letting other people know that you have them. Often, you can dress in a way that reflects your hopes for the future progression of your career and being a cut above in terms of fashion sense and work appropriate style never hurt when it came to making an upwards career move.

Dress for Your Day

There is no point trying to be the height of fashion if the clothes you are wearing are not suited to the day you are going to have. If you are active and dashing around all over the place then you will want to dress differently to someone who will be spending most of the day behind a desk. Someone meeting high-profile clients or having important business meetings will obviously want to dress rather more formally than someone who does not interact with others in a business setting much during their day.

Wear Clothes that Fit

You will, I assume, think that you already do wear clothes that fit. But you would be surprised by the number of people who regularly wear ill-fitting clothes that do them a real disservice when it comes to looking smart at work. Do you really know that you are wearing the right size? Whether they are too big or too tight, clothes that do not fit will not look right, which could leave some people slightly ill at ease.

Look Put Together

Looking ‘put together is about more than just washing, ironing and taking good care of your clothes, it is also about knowing how to put together an ensemble. You should always, always consider any item of clothing not on its own but in relation to the other items in your wardrobe. Try to create looks that are unique to you, not too bold but not too safe either. This is a delicate balancing act but one that can be accomplished by anyone who knows how to look in a mirror and truly see what they are looking at. You will know when something suits you and when it does not. Just trial outfits in front of the mirror until you come up with a look you love.

Consider Colour Coding

The colours you wear can have an impact on how you are viewed at work. You should consider not only which colours suit you but also how the colours you wear affect the mood of those around you and the judgements about you they may subconsciously be making.

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Fashionable Workwear for Women

Every woman wants to look modern and stylish at work. Gone are the days of the boring skirt and shirt combination that were so popular. Women want form fitting workwear that suit their bodies and give them a professional appearance. There are many brands that offer designer workwear for the modern woman.

Jeans. Sissy Boy jeans are designed to be form-fitting and comfortable on your body. As we all know, jeans are hard wearing and can endure most conditions. That makes them the ideal piece of clothing for years’ worth of wear. They are designer jeans so they look fantastic with a formal shirt. Pair this with a few gold bangles, a watch and a long necklace. To complete the look, opt for a closed toe high heel shoe in black or a black pair of pumps.

Handbags. As part of your workwear, you’ll need a functional handbag. The handbag should be able to hold your make up, wallet, and other small items, as well as your documents or folder. That means that it needs to be quite large and spacious, but it shouldn’t look lumpy. It needs to be sturdy and have a formal element to it. The Puma Ladies Ferrari Handbags look elegant and are spacious. You can get them in white so that they complement every outfit.

Footwear. If you work in an informal setting then a sneaker may be an option for you, but for the rest of us, we need to look professional at work. Ladies spend over 8 hours of their day at work, so how are they supposed to cope with those 6 inch high heels all day? It is best to look around for a comfortable pair of heels. There are stylish options out there for you. The Sissy Boy LDS Koko Wedge is a high heel that is crossed with a sneaker. It has a trendy strap around the back with a gold buckle which gives it a formal look. Flat shoes are also an option for the modern professional woman. The Puma Ladies Donne Balerine pump is available in black and is a beautiful formal shoe that contains the comfort we associate with Puma’s shoes. You can wear these with a pair of jeans or a skirt.


How to Maintain and Look After a Suit

When you purchase a new garment of clothing, especially a suit, it’s important to know how to look after it, from cleaning to maintaining different fabrics and materials. You want to know the best way to store and maintain great suits to keep them in pristine condition for a long period of time.

Here’s our guide to making sure your suits, new and old, last longer when cleaning and storing them, whether they are your own or your employer’s.

Maintaining your wardrobe

It’s important to realise how cleaning your wardrobe regularly can increase the longevity of a suit. Protecting and cleaning your wardrobe from top to bottom will prevent insects, especially moths, from wiggling their way into the garments, woollen clothing in particular. Having a professional opinion from a wardrobe specialist would be a good start, or you can keep your suits in zip-up suit protectors until then.

Brushing your suit jackets and trousers

Cleaning your suit jackets and trousers with a stiff bristled brush after each use is important, this will remove the dirt that has accumulated on the outer layer of fabric, before it has a chance to settle. If this is not done, especially before placing into the wardrobe, it will attract insects to feed on the fabric. Another benefit to brushing your suits after use is that it will decrease the number of visits to the cleaners.


Many household staff will have access to a steaming machine or iron, this is an excellent way to prepare and quickly remove lines and creases from delicate fabrics. There is a minimal chance of damaging the fabric as it won’t come into contact with the hot plate of a normal iron. However, steaming isn’t as effective on cotton and you should take great care when steaming a wool suit to prevent a shine from appearing on the material or crushing the surface texture.

Wool protection

If not cared for properly, wool can be a very expensive material to repair. With its long-established wear in society, it would be a shame to not look after suits made from the luxury material with care. Before you store your wool suits, you should have it professionally cleaned as this will get rid of any microscopic insect eggs that may have been laid on your jacket. Moth balls are a reoccurring nightmare if not prevented properly, natural alternatives such as lavender, rosemary and other aromatic repellents would work well.


Benefits of Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Micro ring hair extensions are a poplar choice for women who want to add length and volume to their hair on a semi-permanent basis. If you are looking for a short term solution, then you will want to consider clip in hair extensions, which you can wear now and again rather than day after day. Semi-permanent solutions become part of your natural hair and you can wear them for days and months, treating them the same as your natural hair and then changing them or removing them as your hair grows.

The micro ring hair extensions come with their own unique range of benefits, which is what makes them such a top choice for women throughout the world. These extensions offer the convenience of you doing them yourself at home, if you have the patience, or you can choose to have a professional salon put them in for you, this is down to personal preference and how much time you have on your hands. Doing them to yourself is going to take considerably longer than visiting a professional salon to put them in for you.

Another benefit is that these micro ring hair extensions work on all hair types. Whether you have thick hair, frizzy hair or very fine hair, you will find that they work with ease and can easily be blended into any hair type and length with complete ease. Often you find that certain products don’t work if you have very fine hair, the only thing you will need is some length to cover the rings, to make the style look as natural as possible.

Another benefit to these particular extensions is the natural finish that they provide. The hair is put into place just inches from the scalp, your natural hair then hangs over the rings, so they are out of view. As long as you choose the colour and length correctly, it will blend in with your existing hair and look completely natural. It is also worthwhile to spend the extra money to purchase one hundred percent natural hair, which can also be styled with your natural hair, this will make the entire finish look even more real and more natural.

The good news when it comes to micro ring hair extensions is how safe they are. They don’t cause extensive damage to your natural hair and they are not dangerous. There is no hot gels or waxes to apply, the hair is simply pulled through the ring and the ring is tightened, holding the extension in place. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

You can wear these extensions for a longer term. Most women will wear them for a good few weeks before they need to be removed. Remember the reason they are removed is that your hair grows and as your hair grows, your micro ring moves down the hair line. This makes it harder to brush the hair and also can make it harder to hide the rings to give that perfect finish.

The micro ring hair extensive are movable, so as your natural hair grows, you can open up the ring and re position the ring. This is also beneficial when you place it wrong when putting the extensions in in the first place. Another and the final benefit to these extensions is that they are reusable.

After a week or two, you may decide to remove the extensions for your own personal reasons and then you can replace them as and when you wish. Some people use them for shorter term and others for longer, it is down to you and you can use them with complete confidence at all times.

The All American Denim

Almost everyone in the United states has a pair. The all American denim or better know as a pair of jeans.

Our denim jeans is American as apple pie. Whatever your preference denim is here to stay. It’s one of the most popular piece of clothing in a person wardrobe.

There is no age limit to this great product. Denim jeans have been worn by the richest American as well as the common man and women.

Levis brand is one of the original company that introduced jeans in the US. The company has evolved offering many other clothing production, but they’re best known for their denim jeans. Levis was the original company that started to offer many types fit and styles. Levis is the company who started naming their jeans to define each fit. Each name or number represents the way the jeans fits the body and the silhouette.

Many companies emulate this successful process Levi has developed. Company such as Lee Jeans and Wranglers also offers many different fits and silhouettes.

In the early days of denim only 100% cotton was used. This type of fabric was rigid. Denim fabric has evolved when spandex was introduced. This gave unlimited design potential since the fabric has stretch.

Now we see denim used in all types of styles, but still the denim bottom are the most popular styles available.

There are so many different silhouette of bottoms to name a few such styles as the tight fit, mid rise boot, easy fit and so many other styles.

Back pocket detail and placement is also very important, this gives the style it unique look. Some pocket are place low for a slouchy look, while other are placed high for a more contemporary look. Angling the pocket also give it a new twist. Side seam on denim are shifted forward for a ultra modern contemporary look.

Jeans are ripped, fray and torn to give it that worn out looking.

Jean prices can be at the bargain basement price or top dollars for the designer premium brands which can cost more than $200.

These are also denim handbags and accessories. As well as furniture using denim as covering for sofas and pillows.

There are different techniques such as distressed, flocked and coating to give a unique enhance effect.

Denim fabric and clothing has come a long way since the early days of the plain old denim jeans. I’m sure denim fabric will go through other exciting transformation. Giving designers new opportunity in reinventing the denim jeans.

We can’t get enough of this great all American product.


Suit Styles That Are Trending The Most

Once again the craze of wearing salwar suits is back in fashion and girls have started returning to it one more time! The arrival of new unconventional designs and stylish patterns in the fashion industry has given a great makeover to the collection lying in a woman’ closet today. You don’t have to wear the old- fashioned and outdated traditional patterns of suits any more now! With continuous fashion changes taking place every now and then, the look of this ethnic outfit is getting better and better to meet the high end fashion needs of today’s women! The easy online availability of suits in various fabrics, colours, designs, brands and styles has added up to their popularity. Given below are the two best selling suit types that are presently in the top demand:-

1. Straight Suit

The crisp straight drop of a long kameez and a suitable salwar is what exactly captures the best picture of a straight salwar suit! The fan following of this style is increasing day- by- day due to its sheer elegance and grace. Straight suits give the wearer a slimmer and taller illusion due to its straight long fall.

Following are the different bottom options that will embellish the beauty of your straight suits:-

a. Palazzo

The wide flare of palazzos make them the most comfortable of all the bottoms that can be paired up with straight kameez! This combination is being very widely worn by women these days.

b. Pants

Crisp fitted pants serve a great option to complete the look of your pretty straight suit. These pants give a wrinkle-free straight fit like your western pants and don’t leave any room for visible creases or wrinkles unlike churidars or leggings.

c. Leggings

Leggings are a great option for the women, who are uncomfortable with the strict fit of churidars and are much more comfortable than the regular churidar that women get stitched.

d. Churidar

Churidar salwars are best for women that love to combine the wrinkles and creases of churidar with the straight kameez they wear.

2. Pakistani Suit

The straight suit fashion that we are enjoying today, is a style that has already been a popular trend of Pakistan. Pakistani suits comprises of a variety of kameej ranging from straight to high slits that are worn with different types of bottoms. These beautiful combinations make Pakistani suits unique in them.

Have a look at the beautiful range of bottoms that sparks up the charm of Pakistani suits:-

a. Palazzo

Without palazzos, the meaning of Pakistani suits is totally incomplete. These are an indispensable part of the Pakistani culture and dressing!

b. Bell Bottom Salwar

Like bell bottom pants, there are even bell bottom salwars available that can be included in formation of the best Pakistani suit look! You must try wearing it once!

c. Sharara

Sharara, which gives a gorgeous illusion of a flared skirt is very much liked by the women and is an essential part of Pakistani suits that are meant for casual and wedding purpose.


Benefits of Lightweight Suitcases

Lightweight suitcases have really taken centre stage with travellers over the years. These suitcases are different from the traditional design, providing you with a lighter weight product which enables you to use it for all types of holiday and travel experience now and moving forward.

The first benefit you will find when investing in a lightweight suitcase is that your mobility is improved. You will be able to move your suitcase around with ease. If you are traveling to the city centre and staying in a local hotel, then you may find you will use various modes of transport and the last thing you want is to be dragging a heavy case around with you. A lightweight suitcase is easier to move, especially for a woman travelling on her own and trying to get from a flight to a train to a bus to a taxi and eventually to her hotel.

When you buy a lightweight suitcase for your travels you have an increased chance of meeting the airline weight restrictions. It is important when flying that you meet these regulations, failure to do so can leave you with an expensive fine, which you don’t want to be caught with. Remember each airline has their own regulations in terms of the size of the case and the overall weight. The lighter the case and within size, then your chances of staying within the limits is increased.

Of course staying within weight restrictions f the airline may be quite a tedious task, but remember the lighter your suitcase, the more you can pack. A suitcase can vary significantly in weight and the more weight you knock off, the more you can pack. This is a very major benefit, especially when you find yourself travelling for a week or more and you need ample packing space for all your favourite clothing items.

With a lightweight suitcase, you will find you put less strain on yourself. Anyone who has had to drag a heavy suitcase around a busy airport or train station will know how much strain they put on their bodies. Moving from one train platform to another can be quite an experience as you drag you suitcase along with you to get it there quickly, sometimes having to carry it up and down stairs to reach where you are going, not the ideal situation.

Remember that not all modern suitcases are lightweight, so when you are looking to invest in a new suitcase, you want to focus extensively on lightweight suitcases. Choose a reputable supplier, a travel goods specialist company with years of experience in the luggage industry that can provide you with top quality products you can trust.

Search online and browse their store and take careful note of the actual weight of the product, obviously the lighter the suitcase the better. You will also want to pay close attention to the overall size, ensuring this meets with airline regulations. This information is usually provided on the airlines website, so you can identify what you are allowed before making any purchases.

Before you make a purchase, check with the company offering the lightweight suitcases to determine their delivery times, their shipping procedures and their returns policy. When buying online you want to buy with confidence and you want complete peace of mind that you are getting the best product for your money at all times. This means doing your research, reading reviews and gaining confidence in the company before paying over any money.


Things You Need For This Spring

There is no hidden secret that the Spring Season is one of the most colorful and loved seasons out of all the others. Do you prefer to gear up yourself with some essential men’s clothing that will help you get the best out of the spring season? This article talks about the various things and clothing articles you need for the spring season.

Let us look at the various pieces you want in your wardrobe this season.

1. Bomber Jacket: This is one of the most dependable pieces of men’s clothing that is great for switching seasons. Like now, when winters are coming to an end and summers are approaching (but is still in the midway). These look good on every body type and physique (if bought correctly). You can try these with plain blue or black denims and sneakers.

2. White Oxford Shirt: The White Oxford Shirt has been a classic and will be one of the most versatile dress shirts for every man. Whether it is spring or summer or even winter; this perennial essential should be in stock with you to keep you stylish and comfortable in any season. You can team it up with formal trousers or even denims for a fashionable look.

3. A pair of wide legged trousers: History repeats itself and so do the fashion trends. It was way back when men wore wide legged pants with skin fit shirts for a dapper look, but now you can team them up with t-shirts and tennis shoes for the same stylish look.

4. Trainers: Trainers are a wide category that consists of sneakers, Vans and other sub-categories related to either athleisure or specifically for sports. Make sure you have sneakers for this season that are classy, supportive and comfortable. A good pair of flat-soled, bright white sneakers is a Spring Summer ’16 essential. Every brand worth its salt has produced a pair. Though you could stick with a classic pair of box-fresh Stan Smith Originals, we’d opt for something slightly bolder, like something from Vans, just remember to keep the rest of your outfit simple.

5. Graphic print backpacks: It is time for you to go out and explore different places with your beloved or friends. A functional backpack that can carry your essentials is a must-have. The printed pattern is another feature that makes it an essential this spring season.

6. Cardigan: Add color to your wardrobe with chunky, long, baggy and colorful cardigans that serve as the perfect outer wear transition from winter to spring weather. These save you from the embarrassment when you’ve not ironed your Oxford Shirt as well. Looking cozy can be both masculine and practical against the weather elements with some pastel color combinations.

7. Chinos: One of the classic pair of men’s pants, Chinos has been a part and parcel of men’s clothing since the beginning. This season you can chop off the length and keep it to the ankle for a bold and chic look. Navy is the right color you should opt for because, it goes well with every kind of upper (whether it is shirt or t-shirt) and makes your ankle stand out in them.

8. Body conforming men’s underwear: When the season calls for stylish and fashionable outwear, make sure you define what you have inside by opting for men’s underwear that defines your manhood. You can opt for styles like low rise brief underwear or boxer briefs that does not ride up when you bend or sit.

9. Accessories: Make sure your accessories complement whatever you wear; be it formal or casual, keep it up-to-date with the kind of watch, belt, socks, shoes, bracelets and more.

These are some essentials for every man for the spring season 2016. Check out various online stores for their discounts and deals to grab the above at pocket friendly prices.


Mens Clothing How To Keep It Casually Professional

cac02a5d921d2a0e592ee0461372c67dOh summers are approaching really fast, don’t you think so? It is high you start your summer preparations that will not make regret later. A change in season also brings with it an element of unease and uncertainty. By now you’re comfortable with the clothes that you wear to work – that trusty navy blazer, those black Derbies and your reliable overcoat. However, it is time to change according to the rising temperatures and humid climatic conditions. Does it scare you to come out of the comfort zone?

This article talks about how you should go about the transition from the cold to the hot and yet keep it subtly stylish with men’s clothing at your workplace.

Sophistication is the virtue
Sophistication in other words can also be referred to as doing the most basic of everything (not mentioning men’s underwear here). You must not over-think about getting the articles of men’s clothing right. You need not buy clothes in bulk for your office anyways. Hence, whatever you buy, choose something that is worth the money as well as the wear. By streamlining your choices, you not only make it easier on yourself but there’s an element of confidence that comes with simplicity. The clothing articles that talk about simplicity, versatility and classiness work and they always will.

Let us now look at the pieces that’ll help you spend a comfortably stylish summer months at work.

1. Tailored pieces
Have you ever clubbed your suit jacket with some other individual pair of trouser? That’s exactly what calls for ‘professionally casual’ dressing. These are the keys to any guy’s secret success. You must not invest a lot in suits because they are expensive and ask for high maintenance too. Try to invest in separates. For example, a navy blazer, some mid grey trousers and perhaps something in a pattern such as Prince of Wales check or a chalk stripe to show that summer’s a time for play, not just work. What do you say? Can you think of something else?

2. Shirts
When it is something to do with summers, it gets very important you not only get the fit right but also the colors. You must feel happy with what you wear and not uncomfortable. Having happiness in your head would lead you to peppy colors or pastel shades that are perfect for the hot months. You can try everything from pink and blue to yellow and lilac. Pair them with a pattern textured neutral tie and jacket. In fact, you can also try to do just the opposite of this. Try to pick up a pattern shirt in fabrics like cotton, madras, linen or chambray that gives a quirky touch to your professional dressing. Just remember that if they feature a bold pattern or colour, anchor them with a solid neutral tie.

3. Trousers
Denims are a must have for all the males. However, you should stick to simple solid denims rather than opting for embellished or shimmery pairs. On the other hand, you can also opt for beige chinos. They are versatile and would add to your Oxford white shirt or anything else. If this seems a bit too much then, invest in a pair of darker chinos in navy, olive or brown. Maybe even get them in linen – the material drapes amazingly well and, if you embrace the wrinkles, can look even better as the day goes on.

4. Shoes and accessories
If you are planning to fetch some new pairs of shoes, they have to be suede. The style can be anything from Derby to boots. You should also opt for trainers that are very much a happening thing these days. Vans or Converse, opt for anything you like.

5. Men’s underwear
The last but not the least of all the clothing articles for men is their men’s underwear. You must opt for breathable and revealing pairs of apparel styles such as men’s thong underwear or bikini underwear that keeps you comfortable day-in and day-out.


5 Bachelor Party T Shirt Ideas

Marriage is an important milestone in almost all cultures. To commemorate marriage, it’s common for bridegrooms to go out with their friends one last time before the big day. This night is known as bachelor party. During the night the bachelor is allowed to enjoy all the activities that he was engaging in while he was single.

Over the years bachelor parties have become fancy and every person wants his friends to remember the night as long as possible. One of the ways of making the night memorable is using t-shirts. You (groom) and your friends should wear t-shirts with interesting messages. To help you out, here are t-shirt ideas that you should consider:

Dead man walking

Marriage is perceived as a serious institution that comes with it challenges such as disagreements, responsibilities and inconveniences of living with another person. Marriage is known for purging off the exciting life of being single.

A t-shirt with a slogan, “Dead man walking” is not only fun to look at, it also keeps your boys making fun of you throughout the night. This makes the party exiting. You can print the slogan at the back or front of your outfit. You can also print it both at the back and front.

Marriage, big mistake!

As mentioned above, there is the notion that marriage prevents one from having an exciting life. As a bachelor, you should approach this notion in a humorous way by having a t-shirt with big letters reading, “marriage, big mistake!” Just like the “dead man walking” message this message will keep your friends making fun of you. They will also remember the message for a long time.

Single for one more night

Most bachelors want to remain single for as long as they can so that they can continue having fun. Let your friends and everyone in the party know that your single life is over by printing the message, “single for one more night” at the back or front of the t-shirt.

Bachelor party support crew

Friends are important part of a bachelor party. To make it interesting, print t-shirts for them with the message, “bachelor party support crew.” For your friends to be easy to identify, ensure that the outfits are of the same color and style. For your friends to be comfortable wearing the outfits, ensure that the t-shirts perfectly fit everyone.

Bachelor party drinking team

The bachelor party is all about fun. In addition to dancing, drinking is an important party event. Make outfits for your friends with the message, “bachelor party drinking team” and you will always have something to talk about long after the party. Just like when designing the other outfits, ensure that all the t-shirts are of the same color.


These are ideas on bachelor party t-shirts. You can design them by yourself if you have the right skills, but for ideal results, hire a professional company to help you out.