combat4The military trend has definitely raised its head in the fashion circle yet again, and going by the inclination that it displays, it can be safely asserted that it has arrived to stay. From dresses to accessories, from shoes to gloves, the military stamp is evident everywhere. Not that the fashion freaks are complaining – there can never be a smarter style than this. Military dresses have been an all-time favorite; but what about military or combat shoes?

Well, fashion news reveal that these types of boots have yet again made a comeback from the 80s and 90s to dress up the feet of the stylish and the fashionable in an adorable way. And they have topped the charts too. Even those who have not really been in favor of the punk look of the boots have found out novel ways of wearing them and successfully established the fact that combats are not only for pants and tops. If you too are looking for guidance on how to wear these types of boots with different dress styles, this article is for you.

For those who are new to them, here comes a briefing on the style. Originally worn in real combat or training situations, the combat boot was, and still is a very important part of a soldier’s attire. Its comeback as a fashion apparel has given birth to stylish inspirations in the fashion circle and wearers have found out innovative ways of pairing them with varied dress designs. A girly dress, a flirty top or a snowboard gear – combat boots can now spice up all your dress choices. It is also a welcome relief from the high-heels, and certainly a highly trendy and functional shoe choice that helps you make a nice fashion statement without messing up with comfort. Here comes a guide on how to wear this footwear, dress by dress, style by style.

Pair your combat boots with feminine attire

Have you ever felt the urge of wearing your pretty summer frock with floral prints in the Fall? If you have, combat boots are the saviors that you need to pull out from your cupboard. Transition the fresh summer look effortlessly into a Fall look by wearing your summer dress with a pair of cool boots with leg warmers.

Wearing these boots with a dress can also help you don an unusually stylish look. The tough stare of the boots when contrasted against the delicateness of a dress, will help to create a practical and stylish balance. Add a jacket or a blazer to buff up the formal look of the attire.

Lace-up boots in the range also look brilliant with feminine leather jackets and cute ruffled tops in bright or light colors.

Try wearing a pair of harem pants with your combat boots. They are back in fashion and stylish enough to pep up the trendy look in a wearer. Fold the boots one fold down and fold the pant hemline one step up. Clutch the waist with a designer belt and you are ready to go anywhere in the fashion circuit!

Combats are also ideal wear for your night out. Put on your LBD and pair it up with a short and cropped blazer. Wear lace-up combat boots, accessorize and hit the party!

Wear with your office-wear

If your work wardrobe is monotonous, a pair of combat boots is the ideal choice to spice it up. Wear your pair with a dress shirt or a plain collared top and a peg pant – it’s a promise that you would be the centre of attraction in your office for the day.

Combat boots and snowboarding

Heading for some fun in the snow? Wear combat boots this time in place of your regular snowboard boots. The slopes will turn a friendlier terrain for you, and your boots are sure to make your ski trip memorable, comfortable and safe. Be ready to accept the compliments with grace!

Boots With Leggings

Leggings and combat boots both belong to the past, and both have managed to make a comeback in the recent times with roaring success. So why not pair them up? Black leggings are the best choice to tuck into a pair of sturdy combat boots and look cute and stylish, altogether.

The Classical Pairing

The classical pairing of this footwear can only be accomplished with denim. Light-washed denim, a solid color satin top and a pair of black combat boots can make you look absolutely stunning and awesome.

To keep up with customer preferences, these boots today come in an array of designs and styles. While some look rugged, some are tastefully embellished with heels, studs and buckles. If you know how to wear these types of footwear with grace, you will be able to pick your choice in the range quite easily. Just remember to keep your style easy-going and simple. The combat boots must be the central point of your entire outfit.

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