Almost everyone in the United states has a pair. The all American denim or better know as a pair of jeans.

Our denim jeans is American as apple pie. Whatever your preference denim is here to stay. It’s one of the most popular piece of clothing in a person wardrobe.

There is no age limit to this great product. Denim jeans have been worn by the richest American as well as the common man and women.

Levis brand is one of the original company that introduced jeans in the US. The company has evolved offering many other clothing production, but they’re best known for their denim jeans. Levis was the original company that started to offer many types fit and styles. Levis is the company who started naming their jeans to define each fit. Each name or number represents the way the jeans fits the body and the silhouette.

Many companies emulate this successful process Levi has developed. Company such as Lee Jeans and Wranglers also offers many different fits and silhouettes.

In the early days of denim only 100% cotton was used. This type of fabric was rigid. Denim fabric has evolved when spandex was introduced. This gave unlimited design potential since the fabric has stretch.

Now we see denim used in all types of styles, but still the denim bottom are the most popular styles available.

There are so many different silhouette of bottoms to name a few such styles as the tight fit, mid rise boot, easy fit and so many other styles.

Back pocket detail and placement is also very important, this gives the style it unique look. Some pocket are place low for a slouchy look, while other are placed high for a more contemporary look. Angling the pocket also give it a new twist. Side seam on denim are shifted forward for a ultra modern contemporary look.

Jeans are ripped, fray and torn to give it that worn out looking.

Jean prices can be at the bargain basement price or top dollars for the designer premium brands which can cost more than $200.

These are also denim handbags and accessories. As well as furniture using denim as covering for sofas and pillows.

There are different techniques such as distressed, flocked and coating to give a unique enhance effect.

Denim fabric and clothing has come a long way since the early days of the plain old denim jeans. I’m sure denim fabric will go through other exciting transformation. Giving designers new opportunity in reinventing the denim jeans.

We can’t get enough of this great all American product.


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